Thank You Clients!

I could not be more thrilled to be launching train-for-life’s newly updated website along with launching my first Wellness Retreat! {check it out on our home page!}

As I was deciding what to post for my first blog, I received a notification I had a new email and it was a testimonial from a client.  I instantly smiled and thought, “Wellp, here it is! My clients are the best!”  

This first blog post is dedicated to my clients; they are the WHY of what I do.  You all inspire me.  You motivate me.  

And a little shout out to Jennifer; Thank you for this testimonial.  Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.  Thank you making the phone call to me last August 2016.  Your courage throughout this year has been truly admirable.  Your dedication and devotion to training gives me chills every time I think about it.  You have NEVER given up.  You are SO determined. You may believe that where you are today is partly because of train-for-life.  I can agree AND even more, where you are today is because you chose to show up for yourself.  To show up for where you were in your life and you decided you wanted to go further.  Be more alive and THRIVE! It started with you. And every day it has been your choice of saying YES to you that has gotten you to your 1 year Anniversary with TFL, tomorrow 9/8/17.  

We are so grateful for you.  You are a true example of train-for-life.  Your story is inspiring.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  


You guys, DON’T WAIT!  Make the choice to show up for yourself.  Today. Tomorrow. And the next day…. We are here for you, always!


This blog platform is for you guys, our clients.  To share your stories and train-for-life journeys with us.  

Here we will:

  • Announce our TFL client of the week
  • Share your train-for-life stories; We want to hear from you! Why are you training-for-life?
  • Post new classes
  • Share the next Fitness Field Trip we will be going on; These are monthly! Have requests of where to go/what to do?! Send them our way!
  • Inform you on our FREE like when we are teaching for lululemon & Athleta
  • Send birthday shout outs to our clients
  • Share what your training team is up to outside of the studio: Our latest research, continued education, and our workouts
  • Training tips
  • Workout videos & online exercise programming coming soon!
  • TFL TABATA challenge (1 TABATA a day, every day!)
  • We started TFL TABATA challenge January 1st 2017.  It’s never too late to join!  New exercises will be added every month.

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"It’s been almost one year since I started working with Lauren, Erika, and Alyssa at Train for Life, and I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about where I came from since I started, and where I’m headed. Most people seek out personal trainers to help them achieve a short-term goal, to make the varsity team in a sport they love, to tackle a goal like completing a triathlon, or even just to get in better shape for their wedding. My story is a bit different. I sought out a personal trainer after being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 42 because I wanted to get my life back.
After dealing with the initial trauma and heartache of being told I had cancer, I suffered through four major back to back surgeries over the next 12 months. As if that wasn’t enough for anyone to endure, I then had to start dealing with the horrendous side effects of the medication I had to take to prevent a relapse. My medication causes horrible joint and muscle pains, and pain in my bones that literally aches down to my core. My sleep was suffering to the point where I was only getting three hours of broken sleep per night; my brain couldn’t function due to stress and insomnia; and the hormonal blocking effect from my medication forced my body into menopause and I quickly gained 12 lbs within 6 months. My days were spent with my brain in a hazy fog and my body in a world of pain. When I got home, I would literally collapse on the couch. I had reached my bottom. I felt completely defeated and could not see how to was possible to live like this.
I went to my doctor to figure out what I could do to get the pain controlled down to a point where I could just get through the day – I work full time as a pharmacist, and I’m a wife and mom to twin girls who were 4 years old at the time. I wanted to stop my medication because I couldn’t see how it was possible to go on living in that state. My doctor talked endlessly about the two most important factors that have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer reoccurrence – my medication, and exercise. She also pointed out that exercise was going to be the key to getting me able to move again, which would help to lessen my pain, which in turn would help to improve my sleep, which would then help me to feel better and think clearer… I could hardly listen to her. I remember sitting there thinking I wanted nothing to do with either this medication, or exercise. But, I was put into a situation where I had no other options. I remember my doctor telling me to power through. I didn’t even think it was humanly possible when I left her office that day.
But, I did what any mom would do, and I sucked it up -- not for myself, but for my kids, so that I could be stronger and more present in their lives. I searched the internet for recommendations for personal trainers and when I came across Train for Life, I felt like they were different. After meeting Lauren in person, her warm demeanor and supportive attitude made me feel at ease. I told myself I would commit to exercising with a trainer for four months, and then re-evaluate at that time. I thought I just needed someone who would force me to get moving again, and then I’d go back to the gym twice a week like I had done before. Well, those four months were the turning point in my health. Lauren started things out very basic for me. I felt her workouts were doable. I didn’t dread going there, which was huge given how much pain I was in. I started noticing changes early on though. Within a few weeks, my pain was reduced to a tolerable level, my sleep had improved, and I started to feel like I was moving towards recovery instead of feeling completely defeated.
Spending two hours a week training with her forced me to focus on myself. It made me want to work on improving my health. And receiving personal guidance in terms of things that will work best for me, was really helping to make me feel better, not just physically, but mentally. By month 6, with Lauren’s encouragement, I started doing yoga regularly in addition to training with her twice a week. I challenged myself to attend her annual training “party” with her other clients, which I can tell you is no ‘party’ – it was THE hardest workout I had ever done at the time. Now, approaching one year, I find myself looking forward to my weekly sessions, attending fitness fieldtrips, and even going away for the weekend for their fitness retreat. Every day I see and feel the differences I am achieving. Hours can now go by where I don’t think about pain. My focus and concentration are improved at work. I have nights where I sleep for 8 hours straight without waking up. And the improvements and changes keep coming, the more I work at it.
Going back to my original comments about why people seek out personal trainers… Train for Life is different, as the name implies. You are not just working with a trainer to meet a single goal, you are training to make long term improvements in your physical health, mental health, family life, work life, and your ENTIRE life. I look back at the place I was in just one year ago, and I still find it hard to fathom that I’ve gotten to where I am today. Thank you, Lauren, Erika, and Alyssa! You ladies are literally life savers and there are no words to fully express how truly grateful I am for you. All three of you ladies are strong beyond belief, brilliantly in tune with every individual clients’ personal needs, and amazingly warm hearted and passionate about what you do. I could not have done it without you!" 
                  - Jennifer R. 
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