Here is what people are saying about us...

Train for Life is different, as the name implies. You are not just working with a trainer to meet a single goal, you are training to make long term improvements in your physical health, mental health, family life, work life, and your ENTIRE life. I look back at the place I was in just one year ago, and I still find it hard to fathom that I’ve gotten to where I am today. Thank you, Lauren, Erika, and Alyssa! You ladies are literally life savers and there are no words to fully express how truly grateful I am for you.
— Jennifer R.
I have worked with several personal trainers in the past and Lauren stands out among the rest primarily because you can tell she genuinely likes what she does. That passion makes her an exceptional personal trainer, a quality that can’t be taught. As a result, it is extremely motivating to work out with her and her demeanor resembles that of a well respected coach. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone interested in getting into better shape.
— Jon E.
Lauren is truly a talented trainer. Her way is refreshing, natural, supportive, and innovative. No two workouts are the same, the hour flies by, and you feel it the next day. She can take you on a journey and make you believe in your ability, commitment, and strength. Lauren is the best in the Bay!
— Jen S.
Most trainers put all their clients through pretty much the same routine with varying weights used. TFL puts a lot of time and effort into providing the correct workout for each and every client. Train-for-Life has been a real gift to me and I know they would be a real gift to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and health.
— Lacey M.
In the last 12 months I have become more serious about my health. Their encouragement and expert instruction has caused me to push myself and become healthier through physical strength and endurance training. I understand more clearly the need for a lifestyle commitment. Thank you Train-for-Life for staying with me and continuing to support me to get stronger, more fit, and happier!
— Barbara L.
“I am nearly 60 years old and I recently began training with Lauren and I could not
be happier and more jazzed !!! I love power lifting and have been with an excellent
trainer for sometime. Unfortunately he is in school and unable to train me at this time.
I have been reluctant to train with anyone and I finally took a step and in the right direction . I began training with Lauren. I have witnessed her training skills at the club she used to be affiliated with and have always been impressed .
I have had only 6 sessions so far and have learned an immense amount of valuable advice and direction from Lauren ! I’am once again feeling the love and inspiration ! Having so so ... Much fun !!! And learning sooooo much !!
Every training session she is filled with a passion for her work and for helping her clients meet their goals. I look foreward to every session and can hardly wait to continue on my path of health ,joy,and meeting strength training goals !! I just love my workouts!! What more can I say !”
— Paula K.