Our Story



At train-for-life we work with our clients on development, progress, gaining confidence, and accomplishing sustainable goals in a safe and healthy way.  We are committed to assisting our clients in “becoming and being the best you”, being experts on themselves, and keeping them educated; empowering them to make the best decisions for their lives. 

We believe that if we focus on our health first, the results will come when we take care of our body as a whole.   train-for-life works with a team of specialists whom we refer our clients to get them the best care in every aspect of their lives.  

With our clients we set realistic and sustainable goals.  Together we identify, build, and achieve these goals through consistency, focus, perseverance, passion, support, and encouragement. 

In our small group and outdoor training, we create community by working together in a team environment that welcomes all ages and skill levels.  Working out should be fun and fulfilling. We work with our clients to feel confident in their abilities and to achieve a fitness level they have not experienced before.  They also gain satisfaction by seeing a decrease in body composition, inches lost, increased muscular strength, improved endurance, a more active metabolism, more energy, better mood, and overall health awareness.

Every day of training includes setting an intention and celebrating every success.  No matter what obstacles one may face on a daily basis, we as personal trainers coach, inspire, motivate, and empower our clients to train for THEIR life.  We believe health is the backbone of life.  Having this solid platform will allow you to conquer your life with confidence, strength, passion, love, and positivity!