tabata tuesdays


TABATA = 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest x 8 = 4 minutes

In this all levels class we use the TABATA interval based training method to hit every muscle group for a total body invigorating workout using various fitness modalities including: TRX, battle ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, BOSU, jump ropes, medicine balls, slam balls, gliding discs, bands, and more!

Through interval based training you will

  • Increase anaerobic & aerobic capacity
  • Get your heart pumping & metabolism jumping!
  • Burn fat up to 36 HOURS POST-exercise!

If you are looking for an energizing, efficient, FUN, and rewarding OUTDOOR workout THIS is the class for you!

*Class meets on the reservoir stage

*bring your own mat, water, and weights

Interval sundays


Get your weekend workout with us every Sunday for a small group training workout! A total body, interval-based workout that is customized each week! We create a positive, motivating, and supportive environment where you will increase your strength and endurance.  Come ready to get a great workout! This class incorporates fitness equipment including TRX, battle ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, BOSU, jump ropes, medicine balls, slam balls, gliding discs, bands, and more!

TFL Interval Sundays are fulfilling and fun and for all fitness levels! 

*This class meets at the benches in front of the water (closest to the middle of the trail)

*Bring your mat and water

Battle Ropes.jpg

All classes are held at the Lafayette Reservoir

What our clients have to say...

Lauren is simply the best! Her knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and motivational skills are second to none. Over the past year, working with Lauren in both TRX and Boot Camp, I’ve have seen enormous gains in my overall strength and fitness level. At 43, I just had my most succesful year of trail racing. Two top 15 finishes! This is due in large part to working with such a great instructor.
I would recommend working with Lauren to anyone that wants to work hard, have fun...and most importantly, get results.
— Jon N.
Lauren’s classes are not only a great workout, but she never teaches the same workout twice, so each class keeps you on your toes and helps you continue to grow stronger. I always leave her classes feeling like I had a tough workout! You cannot ask for a more motivational and effective trainer than Lauren.”
— Shannon T.
I’ve been training with Lauren for over a year now, and without a doubt her classes are the most challenging, but fun and enegergetic classes I have taken. She keeps the workouts fresh and by adding new elements to push you to the next level. And I leave all classes with a big smile feeling awesome.
I know Lauren’s classes are awesome because I hate to miss them, There is no way I could push myself like Lauren does. After taking dozens of different trainers, from LA to NY to San Francisco, Lauren is without a doubt the one that stands out the most. Training with Lauren will keep you guessing at what is coming next and push you beyond your limits. Lauren will take you to the next level with killer workouts that are a blast.
— Ben T.